Aesthetics and Art

When discussing the series Psych and the six inner and outer-directed tasks of art that are presented by Orlik, the show has a direct relationship with the fifth task. This being the inner-directed task to “lessen tension and internal conflict as an aid to mental health.” The show as a whole displays and abundance ofContinue reading “Aesthetics and Art”

Moral Duties

Throughout the series of Psych, the show addresses some of the six moral duties. The first being the individual conscience, or the constant within the show. That is, that the show is meant to be a comedy and is not meant to be taken seriously. It is simply a show for the whole family toContinue reading “Moral Duties”

A Vaccine Has Come

Recently, there was an announcement by Pfizer, that they have made a vaccine for COVID that was 90% effective. However, as a vaccine that just came out, and due to our experience with COVID so far, and the tragic deaths that occurred, more than some would be wary of getting it. How did Pfizer addressContinue reading “A Vaccine Has Come”

Structural Analysis

In the media text Psych, we begin to understand the archetypes of each character within the film. The show, when broken down, is a clear example of the hero’s journey and it’s eight archetypes. Although, some archetypes are brought out by either the same character or by more than one character. To begin with, weContinue reading “Structural Analysis”

Depiction Analysis

In the show Psych, there are two questions that compose depiction analysis that are the most pertinent in the show. These questions include, ‘what is society like’ and ‘what consequences flow from our actions?’ The first one is quite obvious, in that it relates to almost every crime show on television. Although Psych is mainlyContinue reading “Depiction Analysis”

Cancelling Johnny Depp?

Recently, a huge scandal was going around of Johnny Depp being a ‘wife beater.’ He would throw fits and physically and mentally abuse his wife, at the time, Amber Heard. Many articles were produced highlighting Depp’s actions. This affected his role in many major film franchises, including Fantastic Beasts and The Pirates of the Caribbean.Continue reading “Cancelling Johnny Depp?”

A Fiery Destination

Lately, the virality of the forest fires in California have been sparking the attention of people across the globe. Global warming has been a huge problem that has yet to be taking seriously. To highlight the damages of these fires, we take a look at the article Assessing California Fire Scars, written by Michael Carlowics.Continue reading “A Fiery Destination”

Music of Psych

Psych has a reputation of using music in the show as a way to make a moment more effective, even going so far as to base a few episodes around Curt Smith the singer for Tears for fears and their hit song “Shout”. However, the best execution of music in the show is the seasonContinue reading “Music of Psych”


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