Music of Psych

Psych has a reputation of using music in the show as a way to make a moment more effective, even going so far as to base a few episodes around Curt Smith the singer for Tears for fears and their hit song “Shout”. However, the best execution of music in the show is the season 4 finale, “Mr. Yin Presents…”, which features the song “I Go to the Barn Because I Like the Horses,” by Band of Horses. The song plays in the final minutes of the episode and encapsulates the outcome of the events through out the episode. In the end, Shawn is faced with the decision on whether he is to save the life of Abigail, his current girlfriend, or Juliette, the shows main heroine, and the girl that Shawn has flirted with and developed deep feelings for, from Yin, the episodes main antagonist. Shawn chooses Abigail, however both are saved. The biggest part is the ending is not what you think. After saving Abigail, she then breaks up with Shawn because his life of a detective is too dangerous for her. Cue the song.

The execution of the song is miraculous, as it begins at a very hard-hitting moment for fans where this slow, emotional song plays after witnessing many tear-jerking events. Instead of being in the moment, the song plays after the events settle, waiting till the very end when you begin to decompress everything you witnessed. Adding to it was the on-stage talent of the actors. The emotional scene of Abigail and Shawn breaking up, clashing against a scene of Juliette breaking down into the arms of Detective Lassiter, who through-out the show, is not an emotional, touchy guy, making this moment even more powerful. The continuity of the music between the scenes is relatively perfect with such a said song of heartbreak detailing the same feeling in the show, which even shows the aptness of the song within the scenes. Even with the splash of comedy of Shawn and Gus in tennis gear at a funeral still holds true to the moment because of the attachment they had with the deceased man in the casket. All in all, it was a perfect song to go with such a tear-jerking moment.

-Love mattwithdiabetes

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