Fast Food and Cactus Jack

Recently, there has been a surge of virality focusing on the new McDonald’s Burger named after/promoting the artist Travis Scott. This sparked the article from Vulture, “What’s All the Hype About the ‘Travis Scott Meal’ at McDonald’s? Vulture Investigates.” The article talks about the partnership between Scott and McDonald’s and reviews the meal based off of the commercial that promoted it. All in all, they weren’t to impressed. To quote, “The Travis Scott Meal does not come with a toy. I was disappointed to find this out because I could’ve sworn the first press release said something about a toy, and Scott really led us on with that action figure in the commercial, and remember all that stuff I said about collectible souvenir glasses? Something would’ve been nice.” However, they did see it as a good marketing stunt for Scott.

Travis Scott Meal at McDonald's makes nationwide debut with Houston  rapper's favorites on the menu | Daily Mail Online

What this article doesn’t talk about, is just how viral this meal got. On the social media platform Tik Tok many fans of Travis Scott, and just viral Tik Tok users in general began to film themselves going to McDonald’s. The catch being, when they went to order the meal, instead of simply saying what they wanted, they would play one of Scott’s songs. The employee would hear the song and would register that as them wanting the Travis Scott burger, which in my opinion is not that huge a deal. Simply being just a quarter pounder with bacon and a side of BBQ sauce.

In the end, we take a look at the gatekeepers, opinion leaders, and the media mix. To begin with, the gatekeepers seem to be McDonald’s and Travis Scott. They control the commercials and the promotion of the meal. The opinion leaders would be the customers, but mostly, in this case, Tik Tok users, who turned a simple fast food marketing stunt, into a viral new trend on Tik Tok. Leaving the media mix, which is Tik Tok, Travis Scott, and McDonald’s. Its the mix of an artists brand as a meal at Mcdonald’s making a new trend on Tik Tok. Next, maybe White Castle will get a revival by partnering with Post Malone. Who know’s? I don’t like these genres of music anyway.

-Love mattwithdiabetes

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